2016 TJFS Schedule 

Stop 1 TJFS: Sugar Bowl January 8-10         Registration opens December 15
Stop 2 TJFS: Squaw/Alpine February 5-7     Registration opens January 20
Stop 3 TJFS: Kirkwood February 19-21        Registration opens January 27
Stop 4 TJFS: Mt Rose March 11-13              Registration opens February 17

Event Division Schedule

Each athlete will compete for two of the three days. Athletes will inspect on their designated competition days. Inspection will not be available on Thursdays.

TJFS Registration Steps

1. IFSA Membership:
All TJFS athletes need to purchase a 2016 IFSA Membership in order to register for the TJFS. Purchase your IFSA membership here:  IFSA Membership

2. TJFS Series Fee:
2016 TJFS Series Fee registration is open!  You will need to register for the TJFS Series Fee before you can register for TJFS Sugar Bowl.  Contact your coach to get the access link to register.Once you have paid your TJFS Series Fee, you are eligible to register for the Sugar Bowl event as well as the next three events as they open. You will not need an access code to register for the events.  

3. Registration for Stop 1 TJFS Sugar Bowl:
Registration opens at 8:00 PM PST Tuesday, December 15, 2015.  
  • IFSA and TJFS license required (see step 1 and 2)
  • Go to www.athletepath.com
  • log in to your account
  • search for 2016 TJFS Sugar Bowl
  • select and register!
The Tahoe Junior Freeride Series originated in 2007 as a friendly big mountain competition between Squaw Valley and Sugar Bowl ski teams. It has grown into a regional series that boasts over 180 competitors. TJFS is a series of four comps.  Each comp has a three day format with every competitor skiing/riding two runs over three days.  There are no cuts after the first day.  TJFS has four age categories: Girls 11-14, Girls 15-18, Boys 11-14, and Boys 15-18.  In 2013, TJFS added two snowboarding categories, 11-14 and 15-18. Competitors can earn points from TJFS comps toward national IFSA ranking.
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